What our alumni have to say about their experience:

It has shown me a solid place to stand in my life and taught me how to handle life the way God intended.

I am overwhelmed at the value of this program. It has not only shown me what my fears are, but it has also given me practical tools to live a life that is truly abundant.

It gave me hope that there really is a place where there is love and oneness in the body of Christ.

Life-long, immeasureable impact--I'll never look at myself or others the same way again. I'm glad I chose to participate.

The value--words cannot do justice to its impact and influence. God used it to save our marriage.

One of the most impacting, powerful experiences of my life! Thank you all for your time and talents!

It's what Bible study, self-help books, counseling and ministry could not do. It's the missing link between just existing and living.

Just when I had "swallowed too much water," a hand pulled me up.

Grace Adventure has given me a new life, a new self, and a new family. It has taught me many lessons and has healed me from much pain. It has taught me to love God and live in His grace.

It is the single most valuable, healing thing that I have ever done.

Grace Adventure was a life changing, "adventure" in my life. It gave me the courage to "step out of the boat," trust God, trust myself, and walk in faith knowing that my Father in heaven loves me for who I am!

I will never be the same. I feel the impact has changed my way of thinking, playing, praying, arguing, in fact, every facet of my life.