Upcoming Workshops

Group 52

This group will be hosted by LifeQuest Church. Journeys 1-3 will be held at Lake Mauer Retreat Center, Excelsior Springs, MO. Journey 4 will be held at LifeQuest Church in Belton, MO.

Dates for this training are:

Journey 1 -- January 27-29, 2023

Journey 2 -- February 1-5, 2023

Journey 3 -- March 3-5, 2023

Journey 4 -- March 24-25, 2023

Grace Adventure will be offered as "in person" trainings just as we have always known them. Each training rotation will have a "host" who will arrange for all the logistics (venue, meals and housing) and Grace Adventure will provide the training and training leaders.

That means if you know of a group of folks, perhaps in your church or among your friends, who would like to experience Grace Adventure, we will work with you to help that happen. Even if it is not a full group, we will publicize the group to the GA community at large to help fill any empty spots. If this opportunity intrigues you, please call or email us and we can talk more about the possibilities.

If you are interested in attending Grace Adventure with one of these groups as they come together, please email us at info@graceadventure.org and will happily notify you of dates and times.